Emerged in the specialized literature in 1976, at the moment when some of the contributions to the 2nd International Congress of Thracology (Bucharest, 4-10 September 1976) had been published, the Thraco-Dacica journal had earned a well deserved prestige among the European periodicals, dealing with history, archaeology, linguistics, archaeozoology, paleoanthropology, ethnography of the large space some time ago inhabited by the big ethnic group of the Thracians.
             In their scientific approaches, those who had published along the years in this journal, important personalities, renown specialists or young ones who strived for recognition, from Romania, other parts of Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Austria) and beyond the Ocean (North and South America), had dealt with the Thracian and Getae-Dacian civilizations, but also by their background and their heritage that was passed over to the today peoples of the south-eastern part of the old continent.
             This aspect, as well as the fact that many articles had been published in international languages, yet, without neglecting the Romanian one, had resulted in the fact that the Thraco-Dacica journal could became a valuable scientific tool, that was desired and accepted in all prestigious libraries of the universities and research institutes, around the World.